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For those who had a real/fresh Christmas tree, the Village has a drop-off site at Village Hall from 12-26 – 1/31.

Timber Ridge has stopped picking up compost as of November 30th. The compost is in their winter hours and will be open every Saturday 7am-4pm.


Be sure to check our Facebook page…Timber Ridge MHC. Look for our raffles, engage and have fun!

LATE NIGHT CALLS – What Constitutes An Emergency?

If you have a life threatening emergency – CALL 911

If you have no power throughout your home – CALL WE ENERGIES

If your water line bursts, go underneath your home and turn off the water supply then call a plumber.

If you have 1/2 power to your home and have checked all the beakers, call the Manager after 8am.

If you have frozen water lines, either call a plumber or call the office after 8am and we will see if we can direct you to a resource. Do not wait, time is crucial with frozen pipes.

If someone is parked in your parking space, knock on your neighbor’s door, do not call us. If you know the vehicle, politely ask the owner to move it. You can call the office after 8am to report it.

If your neighbor is making excessive noise in the middle of the night, call the police then come into the office after 8am to file a complaint. Please do not call maintenance.


Be timely with your rent and water utility. Rent and water MUST be paid by the 2nd day of the month to receive the $35 PROMPT PAY discount.


BE ADVISED…There is NO PARKING in front of any vacant sites under any circumstances when it snows…NO EXCEPTIONS. The car will be towed immediately and without warning. That being said, as a courtesy, if you hear the street being plowed move your car straight away and we will clear your area. Typically, we do not backtrack once an area is plowed. Please remember to shovel you sidewalk and parking area and salt within 12 hours of the snowfall.


we are issuing new car tags to display in the window. They are smaller and do not hang past the rear view mirror. When we audit the vehicles at night, vehicles without the tad will be towed. We have the records of the tag #’s and associated plate #’s. If guest tags are needed for over night parking, let us know and when we issue your tag(s).


During a snowfall there is no parking on North Street, and no parking on the North side of Middle Street until the roads have been plowed and salted.

Please DO NOT park on the sidewalk. Car will be tagged and towed if they are parked on the sidewalk.

Exceptions…Lot #87, #88, #89 may park slightly on the curb when water pools on the street, not on the sidewalk.



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