Community Corner

Community Notes and Reminders

Happy Autumn

Lawn, leaf… compost YOU BAG “EM, WE’LL HAUL THEM… REMEMBER… all compost must be in brown paper recyclable bags. If your leaves are not in the brown bags, we will not take them to the compost site, you will need to. I do have bags, if you need them. Please be sure to stay on top of your leaves this fall. Winter will be here sooner than you think. If you are in need of assistance, call the office and for a charge we will take care of your leaves. PLEASE SWEEP THE LEAVES OFF OF THE STREET. IT LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER WHEN THE STREETS ARE CLEAN. THANK YOU



Once again, make sure your heat tape is plugged in and working. Insulate underneath your home. Make sure all of your skirting is attached and your access panels are secured. If your pipes freeze, the meter plate on your water meter will crack and need to be replaced. This is yet another cost you will incur on top of fixing the broken/frozen pipes.


Reminder to Dog Owners 

Please be a responsible dog owner, please pick up after your dog in your yard and when out walking your dog.

Please Be Mindful of Parking 

Parking is from meter to meter, please be mindful of your neighbors when parking. There is designated visitors parking for your guests to use. Please let the office know if you have guests who will be staying overnight in visitors parking.

Free Firewood 

Help yourselves to firewood in the deck boxes by the basketball hoops up front. Please only take what you need as the wood is for everyone in the community.

Would You Like to Get a Months Rent Free?

Do you know someone looking for a nice community in which to live? Someone who is looking to buy an affordable home? We currently have homes and sites available. The home must be a newer home, have a pitched and shingled roof and meet all community requirements. If you find someone whose home and application meet the criteria, you will receive a FREE months’ rent and so will the new resident. Please have any potential Residents call Judi at 262-945-0921. You can view the current homes we have for sale here on the website.